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NYC based personal training service specializing in the customized exercise experience. Our specialists tailor fitness programs that are effective, efficient and transformative. Begin the journey to becoming the new you while training in a private facility, in the comfort of your home, or in the park.

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Dan Flores, RTSm, is a Master Resistance Training Specialist, with an expertise in biomechanics and exercise prescription. The grandson of a legendary bodybuilding pioneer, fitness is encoded in his DNA. Dan was introduced to fitness at an early age, and those early experiences greatly inspired him to continue on to success in collegiate and professional football. After completing his athletic career, Dan entered the competitive NYC fitness market. His approach to training is to focus on appropriately challenging the body with specific movements that maximize the benefits while unlocking your body’s potential.

In 2001, Dan began training in NYC at an exclusive Upper East Side gym where he ultimately became one of the company’s top specialist trainers. He’s gone on to devote his career to training because he found helping people with their transformation so rewarding. His clients range from 9 year old athletes to 80 year old fitness enthusiasts, and everything in between.

Besides his knowledge as a trainer, Dan’s ability to develop great personal relationships is the secret to his longevity and success as a trainer. He helps you develop a positive relationship with training AND trainer. Ultimately, those factors are determinants of long term success. Every session Dan brings his combination of expertise and “personal touch” to provide a customized exercise experience.

Schedule a workout or try a class with Dan, your body will thank you!

Dan Flores


Dan Flores Training implements a unique methodology and approach to the body. Using the EC Method™, strategically directed movements challenge the body in an infinite amount of planes, ranges of motion and angles that work best for you. You will truly have a customized training experience.


This technique is what separates Dan Flores from the competition. The art of purposeful movement can be the difference between an ordinary training session, and the “I’ve never felt like that before” workout experience. The specific movements are carefully selected to only target the appropriate areas but to alter the intensity as needed.

Exercise Continuum Method™

The EC Method is a unique approach to training that focuses on a person’s individual ability, structure, and movement patterns. Taking that information along with objective decision making, exercises are prescribed appropriately to challenge and stimulate change without exceeding your ability.

Integrated FitQuotient™

The IFQ is comprehensive measure of an individual’s overall fitness. It is used to track client progress by measuring several indicators that include physical assessments and other health markers that provide deeper insight into the clients overall health.


  • Without your training the last couple of months I'd have been forced to abandon my stroller and baby at the side of the road on the walk to school today. But instead I found the strength to push through the foot of unplowed snow and soldier on. I was the only one who did! Thanks. And the baby says thanks too.”- MJ (after surviving one of NYC’s 2014 snowstorms)
  • Dan's classes are intense, challenging and fun. He pays attention to every detail of form and alignment while keeping the momentum flowing. I leave feeling euphoric and energized, inside and out
    —Kate Q
  • Dan is a dynamic, attentive and very knowledgeable trainer. He makes you feel like he is your personal trainer even in a group setting and manages to work everyone to their maximum no matter how diverse the group. Since working out with Dan I have felt stronger, and more energetic and I am starting to see real results as my body responds to his low impact, maximum results training method. His total body workout is punishing but I am seeing and feeling the results and that keeps me coming back for more.
    —Mary-Jane (mother of two)
  • I started physical training with Dan Flores ten years ago. At the time, I weighed about 172 pounds. Now, at age 80 my weight is still the same, but its distribution is not. I have a lot more muscle and a lot less fat, even at my late age. Much of my success in that regard, is due to Dan's careful, thoughtful and unique training method. I don't believe there is a more effective and satisfying training system available today
    —Joel S.
  • Today marks a personal milestone for me. For the first time in 6 years I have fallen below the 300 lb. mark. 3lbs of muscle gain, 25 pounds of fat lost in 2 months. No fad diets, no fad workout DVDs. The secret you ask?...a great personal trainer by the name of Dan Flores who only needs two quick workouts a week to make miracles happen. Thx Dan Flores for saving my life and making sure that I am as healthy as I can be for my growing family
    —Kareem H.
  • Completed the third Sunday bootcamp session yesterday. I have never experienced a workout like this. Every week, Dan ups the anti. Within five minutes, I am sweating profusely. Learned how to do a pushup yesterday. The best part is that after bootcamp, I always have a ridiculous amount of energy. I am to tackle the rest of the day. And the workouts have cured my insomnia. Thanks Dan.
    —Yemi F.


Achieve your best version of you. Your training program will be truly tailored to your individual needs and goals, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and evolve organically as you break through plateaus and find new progress. This will be unlike any other training experience around.

**for your convenience, training sessions can be held in your home, or gym


Add another dimension to your training with group workouts. Additional motivation, enthusiasm and competitiveness is what you can expect in these sessions that will help you push through challenges. These workouts can be held both indoors as well as in the park. Groups are limited to 10 people to ensure the necessary amount of personal attention.


Dan’s personalized workout experience is modified for classes and small group settings while still offering the same attention to detail. These classes are geared to challenge every muscle in your body and even make you sore in muscles you didn’t know you had! The workouts feature Dan’s signature technique that implements strategic movements using body weight and resistance bands.


The Mark Hotel

Located on Madison Avenue and east 77th Street is The Mark Hotel. The luxury hotel houses a state-of-the-art fitness center that is 1400 square feet and features the finest equipment available. This facility is available by appointment only. Contact us here to schedule a visit.

Central Park/Ft Greene Park

Take your training outdoors and embrace the challenge nature can offer. This experience incorporates the terrain of the park as an alternative to the traditional gym setting. With minimal equipment, the physical challenges will come from creative use of resistance bands, body weight movements and your surroundings.


The customized exercise experience has been modified for small group settings. Dan’s signature style and unique approach to training still shines through in the following classes:

Brooklyn Body Bootcamp™

(Ft Greene Park, Brooklyn)

This is the newest offering by Dan Flores. This (outdoor) class is designed to challenge, strengthen and condition every muscle in your body. The workout implements a combination of strategic movements using body weight, resistance bands and the terrain of the park. The new you is only a few workouts away!

Total Body Strength™

(Melt Massage and Bodywork, 84 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217)

A full body experience that implements a combination of strategic body weight and resistance band movements designed to challenge, strengthen and build a stronger you. With energizing music in the background, class begins with a warm up, followed by strength movements and ends with a cool down stretch. All levels are welcome


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